Fine Art Shipping & Gallery Services

The fine art shipping and gallery services industry is one that involves the transportation and trading of fine art and antiques within and behalf of art galleries, museums, exhibitions and private collectors.

This incredibly interesting industry is one of the most rewarding within the logistics field. There are many career opportunities within this sector as fine art shipping companies principally provide a very specialist service to cover all aspects of fine art packing and shipping. You could be working for a museum one day and then a stately home the next, the variety of location and artefacts is very broad.

What kind of jobs are available within the Fine Art Shipping and Gallery services industry?

There are some fantastic career opportunities involved in Fine Art Shipping and Gallery services as the services provided include the preparation of documentation as well as the specialist storage, packing and shipping of items. Jobs include:


How to find more jobs within the Fine Art Shipping and Gallery services Sector:

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