Trade and Manufacturing Industry Jobs

The trade and manufacturing industry is concerned with the fabrication, processing and preparation of products from raw materials and commodities which are then used for sale (trade). This industry holds lots of career opportunities both in the UK and internationally. Working as a trader is especially suitable for someone with excellent numeracy skills.

Shipping and logistics is an important part of the trade and manufacturing industry as the movement of goods through the use of freight forwarding, shipping and transport companies is essential. The sale or trading of goods to prospective buyers is also a vital element of manufacturing. Being employed as a Trading Assistant, Commodities Trader or Shipping Manager are just a few of the key jobs within this industry.

What kind of jobs are available within the Trading and Manufacturing industry?

There are many different career opportunities within the trading/manufacturing industry, here are just a few that are available within the Shipping & Logistics sector:


How to find more Trade and Manufacturing industry jobs:

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