Cartus Corporation - a leading global mobility firm that offers its services in 185 countries, and who last year assisted more than 171,000 transferees—announces the launch of its fifth annual award-winning Trends in Global Relocation: Biggest Challenges survey. Companies large and small around the globe have previously contributed to what has become one of the relocation industry's most anticipated sources of current industry trends.

Respondents will have an opportunity to share their insights and perspectives on the relocation industry's biggest issues and what they believe are some of the best practices in global relocation.

An important component of Cartus' Trends in Global Relocation research series, the Relocation'sBiggest Challenges surveys have produced insights on issues such as compliance, costs, and infrastructure challenges in countries around the world. This year, it also contains questions related to move types and companies' progress in Talent Management initiatives.

Relocation managers who are responsible for their company's program in any part of the globe—in one region, or several—are urged to participate in this survey. Participants will receive a free copy of the survey results and gain an unparalleled perspective on the relocation industry's latest policies and practices.